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We take a holistic approach to wellness, fitness and nutrition. In other words, the way in which we handle stress, heal our emotions, and confront challenges can equally affect our overall state of health…




We cater to the needs of our clients and host many special events in addition to our regular programming. Our programs always incorporate not only nutritional instruction and physical activity, but also aspects of mental and spiritual healing.

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What Can Total Body Fit do for you?

We provide RESULTS. You will do the work, but we offer effective methods of coaching, motivation and guidance that has proven results. We customize our program to match your personality, lifestyle and goals. Our coaches are certified trainers and wellness counselors that will lead you on the path to wellness.

“I am a 28- year- old mother of a 2- year- old active toddler. I have realized that over time I no longer have the same metabolism I had while in high school. While in college, I began to gain excessive weight and didn’t care about what foods I ate, or the level of exercise I did. But then my knees began to hurt, my memory became fuzzy, and I couldn’t keep up with mommyhood.

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