What We Do:

We offer one-on-one personal training and nutrition coaching in your home or office.

We cater to the needs of our clients and host many special events in addition to our regular programming. Our programs always incorporate not only nutritional instruction and physical activity, but also aspects of mental and spiritual healing

Our Philosophy

 TotalBodyFit helps people achieve their optimal state of well-being with our belief in the importance of smart nutritional choices and an active lifestyle.
We aspire to be the ultimate provider of ‘wellness at your doorstep’ with our pioneering approach of bringing talented fitness and nutrition experts to you. Our team hand picks coaches that match each client’s personality, lifestyle and goals.
Constant and prompt communication with our clients along the journey is our key to ensuring success.
We will be positive agents of change with our determined, light-hearted, well-rounded, fun and unique approach to mind, body, and spiritual healing.

Why Choose TotalBodyFit?

  • Our services are adaptable and personalized to the client’s indvidual goals and schedule, ensuring maximum convenience and better results.
  • TotalBodyFit Coaches are experts in their field, are personable and provide inspiration that helps our clients succeed.
  • We take a well-rounded approach to health by addressing mind, body and spiritual well-being.
  • We offer great value with competitive pricing and diverse offerings. We have established relationships with area gyms and luxury residential buildings giving residents access to personal trainers, nutritionists, group fitness classes and workshops.
  • We are results driven and our proactive efforts include constant communication with our clients. Our customer service is unparalleled with a sharp focus on indivudual client needs via acknowledgment of milestones, informational emails, access to our fitness and nutrition blogsite, surveys, and special member appreciation events.
  • We offer maximum flexibility by allowing you to choose your nutrition or fitness coach, and even switch with no questions asked.

Personal Training

“TotalBodyFit did a great job making sure my trainer was a good fit for my needs and my trainer is fantastic- she is not only personable & professional, but she always comes prepared with new and challenging workouts” -Jennifer Yousem, TotalBodyFit Personal Training Client
“I love working with Anthony, my TBF trainer. He doesn’t just provide top-notch one-on-one training, he also understands my goals and customizes my workouts accordingly. I have lost 25 pounds already and am on a steady path to my ultimate weight loss goal. More importantly, I am training for my second marathon and am confident that my TBF training will help me surpass my time goal!” Candace D.
I have been working with my trainer form TotalBodyFit for two years and I love her! She takes the time to prepare. No session is just a repeat of prior sessions, and she listens to me. I have quite a few restrictions and Teri is very mindful of them and works hard to help me improve and strengthen my body, so I can be stronger and healthier. Teri even emails me before each session to see how I am feeling and if there is anything that she needs to know about so she can prepare the proper session.  She is also very conscious of proper nutrition and shares her knowledge. I have not worked with any other trainer from TBF, but I would think that they are careful in selecting only form the best trainers. I recommend working with TotalBodyFit. By Karen E.

Brian D. lost 20 lbs just by changing lifestyle habits. He has gone from 182 lbs to 162 lbs.

TotalBodyFit sounds obvious, but what it means is so important.  The only way to achieve healthy results is to have a total body approach that includes exercise, nutrition and attitude.  Just after Thanksgiving 2012 I made the commitment to make comprehensive changes in my exercise routine, diet and attitude.  For me, exercise has always been the easy part.  I love to work-out and enjoy all forms of exercise.  However, if you don’t combine the exercise with nutrition and attitude (especially as you get a little older), you will not see results.  My nutrition changes have been relatively easy for me.  I don’t deny myself, I just focus on eating smarter.  For the most part I’m raw vegan, especially until dinner.  I love fruit and vegetables so while I’m eating at home this works very well for me.  However, I also love enjoying NYC’s amazing restaurants and when I do I enjoy what I want most on those menus.  I believe this is a healthy attitude that has delivered results and will enable me to maintain and improve going forward.-Brian D
. Choosing to invest in personal training with TotalBodyFit has been one of the best decisions I’ve made this year. Angie offered an excellent service package and suggested a trainer who’s proven to be a great fit for my training goals and preferences. Since starting to train with TotalBodyFit, I have more energy and better mental focus than before. I highly recommend TotalBodyFit to anyone who’s looking to get in shape and improve their health with a personal trainer.—Jamie L.
I enjoyed the session with Teri very much. She is an experienced trainer and was able to show me a few exercises that are targeted to my concerns and I will be using in the future. “- Irene L.
I love that my trainer was able to teach me how to work-out in my apartment. At the beginning we just used my yoga mat to do abs, pushup and stretching, and then ended up using a lot of my furniture and to do triceps, squats, etc. My trainer was so creative and I loved that every exercise was different each time. Now I have amazing abs, definition and knowledge to workout anywhere when I travel, even my hotel room. I would recommend TotalBodyFit to anybody who is looking to get in shape. Charles M.


I am a 28 year-old mother of a 2 year-old active toddler. I have realized that over time I no longer have the same metabolism I had while in high school. While in college, I began to gain excessive weight and didn’t care about what foods I ate, or the level of exercise I did. But then my knees began to hurt, my memory became fuzzy, and I couldn’t keep up with mommyhood.
As a woman, I think we all feel self-conscious about our bodies, but I think my confidence got in the way of being a healthier, confident me. I became re-acquainted with Angie (TotalBodyFit’s Lead Nutritionist) after 10 years out of high school. We networked with one another and I decided to start a new journey with nutrition.
I was 188 lbs, tired, and bored with cooking. After these past 6 months of discussing weekly how to spice up my cooking, incorporate daily bits of activity and become a model for my family I am currently 164 lbs, sleeping minimum 7 to 8 hours, walking 5,000-11,000 steps daily and exploring cooking recipes with my husband. -Cindy C.
My experience with TotalBodyFit was a very positive one; my personal coach took the time to get to know my personal goals, desires and needs, and then worked with me around my busy schedule.

Thus, I was able to received personalized and adaptable services regarding various aspects of my personal condition at that time. I am especially appreciative of the counseling I received on nutritional and health matters since I learned how to understand and respond to my body signals and needs, but I also was able to enrich my life in other areas such as organizational, relational, spiritual, and practical day to day matters.

Thank you Total Body Fit

Hector A.

I was struggling to lose the weight for my wedding. The added stress of planning the big day, working and daily responsibilities became too much. My weight instead of dropping was increasing. I had reached 154 lbs and I had only 6 months to go till my my big beautiful destination wedding. It didn’t help that from a multicultural family we had many delicious dishes at home with Latin, European and Asian influences. Angie every week gave me a priceless consultation to help me understand what I was putting in my body and the affects it could have on my health. She worked with my schedule which was hectic at the time. We ultimately reached a decision on a plan of attack to sculpt my new body with food. By my wedding day, I’m happy to say I reached my goal at 127 lbs and I was one happy bride. To make things even better with what I learned I was able to keep the weight off for 2 years. It wasn’t a diet that I learned but a new way of a healthy life style. Since then I have a baby boy added to the family and my journey with what Angie taught me continues again. To be continued.— Erica G.
I am so excited with the changes I have seen with TotalBodyFit. I spent a lot of my life with bad acne and digestive issues. All of the above I cleared from my body by switching up to the right foods. Today my face has cleared and I wear very little make up because of it. My digestive issues are gone. I was scared to be hungry if I got rid of my favorite foods but Angie showed me great substitutions that I love!— Tracey  P
After meeting Angie in New York City at a networking event, I really enjoyed learning about her nutrition counseling style. I wanted to learn more about options for remote sessions and we made it happen. Angie accommodated my request and although I’m in Ecuador we did sessions via Skype and other apps. In 3 months I was able to lose 25 lbs and I am very thankful! I’m enjoying my body makeover and learned how to switch to healthier food choices. I was scared that being far away I was not going to find healthy options for me, but I was wrong and very happy for my choice to work with TotalBodyFit— Rosa C.

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